The next generation of step based Fitness Gaming

StepManiaX utilizes a LED pressure based platform that users step on to match displayed instructions to the beat of music. The 300+ track songlist provides upbeat, catchy and energetic music that appeals to Western and European audiences.

Compact & durable design. Reliable hardware without complex setup.

Large touchscreen navigation provides the ultimate user experience that is intuitive and easy to use.

Familiar controls (Left, Down, Up, Right), with additional center position that helps promote continuous movement and unique step patterns.

Over 300+ songs of licensed upbeat music and familiar favorites. Additional content available via network downloads.

Mobile App for statistics and player ranking.

Designed for low power consumption and CE compliance.

Outstanding customer service and technical support.

No monthly service fee or ongoing payments required!


Thank you for making such an amazing game! It is the perfect addition to our lobby lounge. The kids love it, and we even see the parents and other adults dancing. Good thing the game is so well built, because it is constantly being played.

Ryan Goode, General Manager
Lake Shore Athletic Club
The Step Revolution machine is very engaging for a variety of youth here at the YMCA. It’s high energy music and lights draw them in and breaks down their shyness barrier. This allows them to create new friendships. I have witnessed this time and time again.

Youth Center Staff. (Clark County YMCA – Vancouver WA)


& keep track of your steps!

With the StepManiaX Tracker mobile app you can track your game progress, view global leaderboards and much more...

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