The latest generation of Step-Based Exergaming

StepManiaX utilizes a dance pad that users step on, to match displayed instructions to the beat of music. With a plethora of upbeat, catchy and energetic music that appeals to western and European audiences.

In addition to using familiar cardinal directions (Left, Down, Up, Right), StepManiaX utilizes a new center position that promotes aerobic movement and helps prevent the bad habits of "returning to the center".

When it comes to using the system, a large touchscreen navigation system provides the ultimate user experience that is intuitive and easily manipulated by all generations of users.

Over 80 songs (and more constantly being added) gives a wide selection and some old familiar favorites that have been revived from past Step Revolution titles.


& keep track of your steps!

With StepManiaX mobile app you can track your game results, view the leaderboards by song-difficulty, socialize with other players, and much more...

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